YT Gorilla – Diamond Review & Bonus

YT Gorilla – Diamond Review  & Bonus

“How You Might Get 5.38 Million 100% FREE Organic Views On YouTube And 57,384 Leads on AutoPilot”

YT Gorilla - Diamond
YT Gorilla – Diamond

buy now YT Gorilla - Diamond

Use YT Gorilla In Multiple Ways

Earn money as an affiliate
Discover high traffic videos and offer owners a tiny fee for adding you link.

Rank Videos for Resident Clients very quickly
Customers are more awaare of YouTube than before and comprehend the value

Generate hot leads for your item & services
Among our channels has 54,000+ active customers and 5.3 million views

Fully Cloud Based
Absolutely nothing to download – Gain access to from Mac, PC, smartphone or tablet

YT King Kong Keyword
With a few clicks see your competitors’ video keywords and tags and “export” with a single click

YT Gorilla Alert System
Notifies you through web browsers and email

Big Regional Business Opportunities
Rank your videos for customers and charge $100s – $1000s per video

Over 5.42 Millions Views from 100% Organic Traffic From Just One Of Our Channels


YouTube it perhaps the biggest relatively ‘untapped source’ of complimentary traffic, leads and customers on earth.

And if you do it right– you can be getting 10,000’s of views, leads and sales per day for free

Facebook traffic costs are shooting through the roofing, ranking in online search engine has never been more difficult

However YouTube is the “untapped” concealed gem in the rough– the unicorn of massive traffic

YouTube Has more than 1 BILLION Users – That’s Practically 33% of the Entire Web

3 SECRET Factors To Ranking YouTube Videos for Enormous 100% Totally free Traffic

You Tube Ranks Video with 3 major aspects.

1) Title of the Video
2) Description underneath the video
3) Keywords

YT Gorilla  Features

“Your 24/7 automated very cheap traffic finder”

  • Instantly see ANY video keywords– Get in, point, click and done– It happens within seconds
  • Make money and find high-value videos – Merely email the owner with the cut and paste design template we give you (Most YouTube owners have no hint about the value of their channel
  • Spy Alert System– YT Gorilla spys 24/7 on ANY video – and lets you know the lobbyists
  • Works with any video in any niche– Utilize it to rank videos for your own products and services, rank client’s videos and generate cash as an affiliate if you don’t have your own item

YT Gorilla – Let’s your Competitors Do The Effort Then Take Their Keywords

  • Enter your keyword or channel name and struck ‘send’– Immediately fast results!
  • Select “quantity of views” to obtain the most popular videos– saves you 100s of hours compared with manually doing this
  • Instantly shares all videos details, keywords and descriptions.strong > You can simply hit “export URLS” and save them all to the file
  • Hot TIP – For Regional company: Charge customers a monthly retainer to give them the most popular videos in their specific niche each month. (We provide the cut and paste design template).

Get the HOTTEST Adwords Related Searches and Your Precise Competitor’s Ad Copy And URLs.

  • Just enter their details into our “Adwords Browse Tool” – Now you have their keywords– and view the magic occur.
  • Let Your Rivals do the “heavy lifting” – You now have a list of your rival’s keywords to take over yourself.
  • Let them find out exactly what’s working and do the heavy lifting for you.
  • Run Local Organisation Analysis – Again you can charge customers a monthly retainer.

YT Gorilla – 24/7 SPY Alert System– This is Incredible!

  • Auto video Tracker– Any video you want to monitor, you simply click “Include Alert”, set how many views in X quantity of days and it will instantly signal you in your browser.
  • Viral Videos Alert– Here’s a great pointer – Go into keywords like popular names or celebrities that are constantly in the news. When videos go viral copy the keywords and make your very own video or contact owner to put your link below it.
  • Set Your Criteria– YT Gorilla is fully customizable meaning you can set the alert to just “activate’ when a particular quantity of views have actually been reached in a certain period. Imagine if you had to do this by hand …
  • Automatic Instant Web browser Alert– Informs will appear in your internet browser immediately when the requirements have actually been reached.

Piggy Back of High Traffic Videos – Earn Affiliate Commissions With ‘Cut ‘N’ Paste’ Templates.

  • Simply fill out the blanks, cut paste and send. By clicking on the “message owner”.
  • Imagine getting your link in a video get that gets millions of views. Some owners take as little as $20 to position a link.
  • Owner simply don’t know the value of their own videos– And With YT Gorilla at your fingertips you can capitalize.

HUGE Bonus– We Are Even Going To Consist of a Full Spy Set Where You Can Anaylse All your Rival Websites, Social network, Alexa Rank And A lot more.

5 Reasons Why you Are Absolutely Ridiculous Not To Be Utilizing YouTube In Your Marketing

1) YouTube has over 1 BILLION Users – 33% of everyone online utilizes YouTube – It has amazing reach and is only growing.
2) Super inexpensive + Free Traffic – Compared with FB, Yahoo and Bing, Youtube traffic is uber-cheap when done right you can get tons of free traffic
3) Hyper targeted – YouTube Users search very specific products. It is among the most targeted community based hangout places on the world for any niche
4) Video is extremely engaging – Video is a more powerful and engaging way to bring in viers than a dull email or conventional ad
5) The Future is Video – Video is becoming the method we communicate. iPhones, Smart TELEVISION’s Tablets – it’s all video.

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