WPMasterControlV2 Review

WPMasterControlV2 Review

ALL Your WP Sites, Establish, Backed up, Secured, & Updated … Performed in 60 Seconds
Essential WP Establish & Upkeep Tasks Done … 99% Less Work

WPMasterControlV2 by Chris Hitman Review
WPMasterControlV2 by Chris Hitman Review

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WPMasterControlV2 Features

  • Defensively Written PC Software application
  • Utilizes Proven Market Plugins & Scripts
  • Batch Processes Numerous Sites
  • Automatic Mistake Checking
  • 12 Months Totally free Updates
  • Full Item Support
  • Complete Training Videos & Tooltips

Backing Up, Securing, Updating, Setting up Plugins/Themes On Each Site Takes Hours
Routine & Essential WP Jobs Make You Less Successful

Like it or not all of us have to do regular jobs on our WordPress sites. We have to set up Themes & Plugins both from the WP repository & from our own PC’s, We need to set up & configure a respectable security/firewall & backup service.

We have to update all our plugins frequently to prevent getting hacked. We need to erase default WP content & settings even prior to we start using a website … Simply doing this on one website takes hours … When you run multiple WP websites it becomes a big time killer.

Setting up Backup on Every Website is a Time Killer
Failing to Back up Causes Catastrophe

Lets admit it … nobody likes setting up backup tasks, finding out brand-new software application, going through settings … then testing to see if it all works as it should.

And don’t rely on your host to do this for you … They have disclaimers in their T’s & C’s that say that this is your responsibiliy.

Running regular backups is a necessary job which will innevitably save your website from catastrophe. This is something every webmaster ought to do to every website you own.

Absence of Security & Firewall program Leaves You Wide Open
These are Vital Jobs Which You Can’t Ignore

At least you ought to be running standard site security …

There are numerous methods hackers can take over your site however by far the easiest way is to leave your site running old versions of WordPress & out of date plugins.

Leaving a bare WP site running no WP security or Firewall software allows hackers to snoop & launch attacks.

So setting up security/regular updates is another task that web designers can’t overlook.

Constantly Updating Every Website is a Continuous Task

Numerous web designers still cannot do routine updates on their sites leaving their websites wide open to hacking attacks. All it takes is one out of date plugin & your site is hacked.

This issue becomes worse as you have more & websites to manage.

Spending quality time on updating websites indicates developing a job on your own … and the more time you invest in this task … the less revenue you make.

Now that’s barely a sensible way to run a service.

Setting up All Your Themes & Plugins Takes Ages

One of the routine tasks all of us have to do when establishing our sites is setting up themes & plugins.

Now most of us use a mix of WP repository plugins/themes & our own themes/plugins … so whichever method we do it, we wind up doing work.

To this day there has been no software that enables you to set up both your very own themes/plugins in addition to ones from the repository.

Web designers squander lots of hours needlessly doing these very jobs.

Eliminating WordPress Default Material & Settings Wastes Time

Default WP Installations feature a whole host of default settings, pages & posts which we all have to get rid of.

These include altering permalinlk structures, adding your very own pages/ categories, deleting hey there dolly plugin, disabling user registration, erasing default WP themes.

These are all jobs we need to do prior to we even begin utilizing our websites …

This is yet another needless time killer which all WP web designer have to do.

With WP Master Control you can Set-up, Back up,
Secure & Update Multiple Websites Simultaneously
With Less Than One Minute Work

Conserves Hours By Automating All Essential WP Tasks
Install It ~ Select Your Settings ~ Forget It

  • It Installs & Configures WordFence Security
  • It Installs & Configures Updraft Backup
  • It Installs & Configures Automated Updates
  • It Installs & Activates WP Repository Plugins
  • It Sets up & Triggers Your Own Plugins
  • It Installs Any WP Repository Theme
  • It Sets up Any Style You Own
  • It Gets rid of Default WP Material & Settings
  • It Batch Procedures Multiple Sites
  • It Functions on Both New & Existing Websites

Uses Powerful, Proven & Respected WP Plugins
For Best Compatibility & Optimum Performance

WP Master Control 2 utilize the most relied on & long established plugins such as Wordfence & Updraft to insure maximum compatibility throughout all your websites & hosting configurations.

It look for pre existing installations & utilizes tested automated scripts excecute all tasks.

Needless to state all the plugins & scripts used are safe and have little effect on your site efficiency.

Functions on All Good Hosts & All WP Configurations
Get Instant Automatic Updates for Overall Peace of Mind

WP Master Control 2 has actually been writtent & checked throughout several popular hosting platforms.

This is the 2nd variation of this best seller which has been extensively evaluated by both our clients & 100’s of customers.

The software is automatically upgraded whenever a new WP update comes out – this ensures you are constantly running the really newest version.

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